Massive Indiana IoT lab brings innovation space to the Midwest

The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem in Indiana is about to get a big boost. The Indiana IoT Lab-Fishers, announced on Tuesday, will act as a space for businesses to research, innovate, and collaborate on projects in the expanding field. The Indiana IoT Lab-Fishers will be housed in a 24,562 square foot flex space in […]

Android ransomware up more than 50%, locking users’ devices until they pay

As smartphones increasingly become the primary computing device for many users, they also present a greater risk for certain cyber attacks. According to a recent report from ESET, ransomware attacks on Android devices rose more than 50% in the past year. For those unfamiliar, ransomware is a form of malware wherein an attacker encrypts a […]

Google Fiber: The smart person’s guide

Alphabet’s attempt to provide gigabit internet with Google Fiber is, without a doubt, one of the company’s most ambitious moonshots to date. Since its formal launch in early 2010, the service has seen many iterations and some have wondered whether Google Fiber is a long-term business for Alphabet, or a disruptive catalyst to force legacy […]

Containers help move Spark and Hadoop into analytics operations

Spark and Hadoop analytics efforts often stumble when teams try to turn small pilot projects into larger operational apps meant for data science teams and business analysts. For many, it is an obstacle in their quest to work with big data. Configuration complexity has sometimes been the stumbling block. A custom-configured prototype built by a […]

Dick Costolo joins Maybe Capital — a new satirical board game about Valley VC

As the TV show Silicon Valley has shown, the tech community there is ripe for satire. So it’s not surprising that the next “product” to be born into this satirical “vertical” is a board game where you must go through the sometimes tortuous process of raising money. The Maybe Capital Board Game launched this week on Kickstarter, […]

Apple quietly bought domain, shuts down eponymous social network

It looks like Apple has finally picked up one of the last remaining pieces of internet property linked to one of its key service brands: the iPhone and Mac giant has quietly taken over ownership of, TechCrunch has learned. Subsequent to that, the small-time Asian social network that existed at the site has informed its […]

Apple Pay dominates mobile payments, and it could change retail forever

Just a few years ago Apple Pay was a vague hope, a chance for Apple to diversify its burgeoning Services business, which was app and iTunes heavy. Today, according to new survey data released by Boston Retail Partners, Apple Pay is not only booming, it’s the mobile payments standard, surpassing PayPal, which had nearly a […]

How gamification can help motivate and train employees

Regardless of industry sector or company size, managers face daily challenges of training new employees and continuing to grow the internal knowledge base among existing employees. They also face the problem of staff always going to the same people (usually highly compensated, high demand people) for answers to questions. This ties up resources and can […]

I infected my Windows computer with ransomware to test RansomFree’s protection

Image: Ransomware made a huge splash in 2016. There’s no denying the motivation here: Money—as in virtually untraceable, digital cryptocurrency—has made this segment of the security realm nearly unstoppable. And if it continues to grow as projected, its reach will extend to more and more users, bringing in tens of millions of dollars for […]

UPS tests drone delivery, launching UAV from top of truck

On Monday, shipping and logistics giant UPS performed its first test of a drone delivery, launching the autonomous copter from the roof of one of its shipping trucks. The drone, made by a company called Workhorse, flew out of a retractable roof on the truck to make the delivery. The test was conducted in Lithia, […]

Android Security Bulletin February 2017: What you need to know

Android users, the Mediaserver is still in the spotlight with Critical and High vulnerabilities this month. But the Mediaserver is not the only issue at hand—in fact, this month there are eight critical flaws. Let’s look at the critical flaws that are detailed in the February 2017 Android Security Bulletin. SEE: Ebook—Executive’s guide to mobile […]

The changing shape of mobile apps

Generating ideas When it comes to optimising an app development process for maximum business agility, organisations want to ensure they are continually able to generate timely, achievable ideas for compelling new mobile apps and services, and can turn those ideas into reality as quickly and efficiently as possible. To generate and develop ideas, an open […]

Exyn unveils AI to help drones fly autonomously, even indoors or off the grid

A startup called Exyn Technologies Inc. today revealed AI software that enables drones to fly autonomously, even in dark, obstacle-filled environments or beyond the reaches of GPS. A spin out of the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Labs, Exyn uses sensor fusion to give drones situational awareness much like a human’s. In a demo video shared […]

Hanging out at Snap’s unremarkable IPO roadshow

One of the remarkable things about the roadshow presentations for hotly-anticipated IPOs — where they’ll make a pitch to investors and answer questions — is that they are often unremarkable. That seemed about the same case for Snap, which was presenting to potential investors at the Mandarin Hotel in New York this afternoon. Over lunch, […]

Likelihood of dieting success lies within your tweets

Credit: Georgia Institute of Technology There is a direct link between a person’s attitude on social media and the likelihood that their dieting efforts will succeed. In fact, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have determined that dieting success—or failure—can be predicted with an accuracy rate of 77 percent based on the sentiment of the words […]