IS supporter Samata Ullah branded a “new and dangerous breed of terrorist"

Encryption Training videos From December 2015, Ullah filmed two training videos in his bedroom, explaining how to use encryption and secruity software, including PGP, Pidgin, Tails, and VeraCrypt. He distorted his voice, wore gloves, and ensured his face did not appear in the videos to avoid identification. The videos were posted on Dailymotion, the French equivalent of YouTube, […]

Snapchat is stifled by its un-algorithmic feed

Snapchat invented its best products by being the anti-Facebook. Its disappearing chats made visual communication quick and casual compared to Facebook’s email-esque text messages. Stories ditched the likes and permanency so you could share your raw moments in the now, instead of just the life highlights that define you forever on your Facebook Timeline. But […]

How Echo Look could feed Amazon’s big data fueled fashion ambitions

This week Amazon took the wraps off a new incarnation of its Alexa voice assistant, giving the AI an eye so it can see as well as speak and hear. The Echo Look also contains a depth sensor that’s being used, in the first instance, to create a bokeh effect for a hands-free style selfies feature that Amazon […]

CW500 video: James Donkin, general manager, Ocado Technology

The use of cloud is maturing – most organisations use some form of cloud service as part of their IT infrastructure. What have they learned? For some, they see the benefits but also the risk of moving to cloud too quickly. Some struggle to make a hybrid of in-house and public cloud work effectively. Others […]

Data management startup Rubrik confirms $180M round at a $1.3B valuation

Rubrik, a startup that provides data backup and recovery services for enterprises across both cloud and on-premises environments, has closed a $180 million round of funding that values the company at $1.3 billion. The news confirms a report we ran earlier this week noting that the company was raising between $150 million and $200 million. […]

Tencent to open AI research center in Seattle

Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent will be opening a new AI research center in Seattle, according to The Information. The company has long had a core office in Palo Alto, but this will be its first major machine intelligence RD effort in the country. Earlier this week Tencent announced that it would open its first data […]

Someone scraped 40,000 Tinder selfies to make a facial dataset for AI experiments

Tinder users have many motives for uploading their likeness to the dating app. But contributing a facial biometric to a downloadable data set for training convolutional neural networks probably wasn’t top of their list when they signed up to swipe. A user of Kaggle, a platform for machine learning and data science competitions which was recently acquired by Google, […]

Jack Dorsey just spent $9.5M buying more Twitter stock

Jack Dorsey is at it again — after purchasing $7 million in Twitter stock back in February, the Twitter CEO bought another $9.5 million today. After making his purchase, Dorsey posted the news on Facebook Twitter, sparking a one percent gain in the company’s share price in after-hours trading. Sourced from Google Finance. According to an […]

IT storage certifications are evolving, but experts debate their true value

Storage industry certifications are evolving at a steady pace, but there are still questions of real-world relevancy for those who might take the exams. The tests fall into two categories—vendor-neutral editions from the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), and vendor-specific versions from storage giants such as Brocade, EMC, Netapp, and so on. SNIA exams are […]

TSA taps Accenture for DevOps to make apps more agile

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants to modernize its business applications, and it has chosen professional services firm Accenture to lead the makeover. Per the partnership, Accenture Federal Services (AFS) will help the TSA enhance and maintain more than 70 enterprise applications. To meet the goals of the $64 million contract, AFS will lean heavily […]

How to give an important presentation with confidence

We’ve all felt the fluttering butterflies in our stomach when the time comes to present to an individual or group several levels above us in the organization. These men and women may have significant power within the organization, longer tenures, and fancier credentials, making the prospect of a meeting intimidating. While you’re unlikely to permanently […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 users report phone randomly restarting, no clear fix yet

Reports of random reboots have started trickling into the XDA Developers forums and Samsung’s own Galaxy S8 forum. The restarts are happening at random times on multiple carriers and with both S8 and S8+ devices. Recommendations for how to fix the issue have been numerous: Remove the SD card, move installed apps to the onboard […]

NSA to end warrantless collection of emails and texts about foreign targets

The National Security Agency (NSA) will no longer collect Americans’ emails and texts to foreign contacts mentioning certain surveilled individuals, according to a New York Times report published on Friday. The collection of such communication was a part of a larger surveillance program that allowed the NSA to collect and read the emails and texts […]

CW500 video: Mark Lockton-Goddard, former interim CIO, Drax Group

The use of cloud is maturing – most organisations use some form of cloud service as part of their IT infrastructure. What have they learned? For some, they see the benefits but also the risk of moving to cloud too quickly. Some struggle to make a hybrid of in-house and public cloud work effectively. Others […]

What the slowdown in Amazon’s cloud growth means for Google and Microsoft

Any company that enjoys a meteoric rise to market dominance will face questions from industry watchers about how long its reign can continue for, and cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) is no different.   Download this free guide Cloud Lockdown: Handcuffing those pesky villains, public and private A well-implemented cloud management strategy allows users […]