Tips to Improve Javascript

  Are you a webmaster or web developer? Want to create super-fast websites? You may have Monitis’s recent posts sharing tips for improving the performance of Windows Server 2008 and Linux Servers, and we hope that they’ve helped you.

Speeding up your WordPress

Speeding up your WordPress blog goes a long way to improve its popularity. As the website loads faster, your visitor enjoys browsing, driving high traffic and generating revenue. While there are many proven ways to boost a site’s performance (a lot of these are explained in the WordPress Optimization Tips and Tricks post), in this […]

An Introduction with PHP

PHP is the fourth most-popular computing language and  I’d bet more consumer-driven web applications are built using it compared to the top three.  Given its popularity, highlighting areas of optimizations is helpful for a lot of people.  Below, you will find 5 general areas of PHP optimizations in no particular order.