History of personal home page tools (php) with important tips

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Hello friend, now a day’s programming language and php developer is in high demand, so  you want to know about PHP, it`s server site language, this is a programming language it’s a powerful server site which is beneficial to control web application or web page in server site, we can call php is originally personal home page tools, hyper test language use in this powerful concept its can be use with html and without html there are two process to use php, but its use mostly with html, it’s a free technology and programming language.

History of personal home page tools (php)

People do learn programming language but they don’t know history about php so I m telling u little bit history of php, Rasmus Lerdorf is father of php he was live in Canada in-fact he create first Perl script and he gave name personal home page tools (php tools) he create this language to maintain their home and after that he Announce on 8th June, 1995. After word he wrote in C- programming language so that he communicates with HTML Forms and with database, there are all basic thing are available which required.



This is a very simple hyper text markup language, its use with html coding.  In this time mostly people run their website in APACHE WEB SERVER, Apache web server is using 70 to 75% in script language php. Second most important web server IIS WEB SERVER, Microsoft Company has designed because   IT has been design by Microsoft Company so this web server full support to   server side scripting which is basically useful for VB.NET

A web master should have good knowledge of HTML, CSS & JAVA SCRIPT, it’s a first requirement for hyper text language , you should know what is php how to do work in it this also offer many advance features for business and professional programmers

What can php do?

This is create dynamic page content

This is create open read write and any other close file on the server so that it can be easy and beneficially in future

We can collect form data

We can send and receive cookies.

We can be add, delete, modify data in our database by php

It can be re-strict user to accesses some page on our website

Php runs on various web server and many platforms :




Mac os x

But php run completely with almost all server now a day’s Apache & IIS on these server. Its support wide and high ranges of database.  This is simple and best language for web development new new version is increase for to make high quality to personal home page. 

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