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Most Important Factor of Seo MEANS “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION”.  Its show visibility of web page in top search engine, it is long term and conditions. Onsite & off site optimization process is visibility of a website in search result, the target is that we have to visible our website in first rank in Google Yahoo and Bing, these three are famous webmaster on the surface  SEO is a good way of website marketing.

Mainly if people think about seo, he thinks what is seo???????  SEO stand for “search engine optimization” this is a big name of internet marketing, people don’t know how search engine work they find only information by the keyword which is in their mind, if should be follow of rules and strategy of seo website can be in highly rank and get first rank in Google and other search engine, it has long process and totally free its “natural” thing and “unpaid” strategy. If you have a web site u want to visible your website in top and highly rank in Google Yahoo & Bing you have to keeps on patience because this is long tram condition and unpaid so it have more competition, if seo is strong of any website, so may be first rank, its depend on competition of website it’s a part of website designing


We have to use many tools and software for improve our website, all type work should be done manually, this work not for software many people done their work by software site, software done off site work very easily and save our time but it can be called spamming, you should ignore these type work, do white hat work, all thing of website fresh otherwise GOOGLE `s crawl index every site and information about website every minutes and second crawl index  and analyze unacceptable thing in their site so Google and other webmasters  can be ban for 6 month or 1 year and remove afterword your website will not appear  in future

Improving quality and volume of traffic of the website from the webmaster and from the top search engine to use method “natural” (organic or algorithmic) search engine always target to “keywords” and content of your post firstly do onsite work than off site work  after that updating

There are two type of process

  1.          ON PAGE (ONSITE ) PROCESS



 ON PAGE (ONSITE ) PROCESSTo grow your business you have to do all work directly on your site if you have better on site seo so your site will be appeared in higher rank the strategy should be strong, onsite work is little bit difficult and 30% work have to done in on page

Important factor of on onsite seo:

  1. Design should be seo friendly
  2. Page layout structure
  3. Navigation
  4. Articles
  5. Keyword research
  6. Link
  7. Site description

 OFF PAGE (OFF SITE) PROCESS: – this is an important part of search engine basically we have to back link to other site which is page rank is good you should back linking with that page rank is good, avoid that site have rank is not good. All submission work have been done in offsite process

Important factor of on offsite seo:

  1. Site submission to Google and top search engine
  2. Sitemap  submission Google and other web master  like Bing and Yahoo
  3. Feeds submission.
  4. Directories submission
  5. Blog submission
  6. Article submission
  7. Social networking
  8. Do follow linking
  9. Social bookmarking commenting  related to our website

This is organic optimization of get real able information to use keyword; keyword is first required for optimization.  We have to make reputation mange all things with social networking site and use blogging it’s a powerful way to promote your website and company basic fundamental.

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